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as im pretty new with home assitant im struggling a bit.

I have an automation in which I want to create condition which checks when the entity “button.pc_brandon_sleep” was last triggered. If it was triggered in the last 30 minutes then my action should happen.
If someone could help me i would be very happy!

Use a Template Condition in your automation.

alias: your automation
   ... your trigger(s) ...
  - condition: template
    value_template: "{{ states('button.pc_brandon_sleep') | as_datetime > now() - timedelta(minutes=30) }}"
  ... your action(s) ...
  • A button’s state value is a datetime string.
  • We can convert it to a datetime object using as_datetime.
  • Now that it’s a datetime object, we can compare it to another datetime object.
  • now() reports the current date and time as a datetime object.
  • We can subtract 30 minutes from now() using a 30-minute timedelta object defined like this timedelta(minutes=30)
  • Finally we test if the value of the button’s datetime object is within the last 30 minutes like this:
    {{ states('button.pc_brandon_sleep') | as_datetime > now() - timedelta(minutes=30) }}



Okay that worked that k you very much!
Can i also use this Template for any Sensor by just replacing the buttton.pc_brsndon_sleep?

You’re welcome!

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Yes. The states() function is designed to report an entity’s current state value. All you need to do is simply provide the function with the entity’s entity_id.

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I also have another question. Is it possible to change the timedelta from minutes to seconds? Would be useful for antoher automation of mine. I tried around a bit but it wont work.

Yes. Not only seconds but other units of time as well.

Python timedelta object

Oh thats nice i tried some things but it didnt work and i could find anything online by searching it specifically. But it works now so thanks a lot again!