Button not recognized after prolonged inactivity

Dear Community,

I am using the Xiaomi Smart Wireless Switch (similar to this) connected to a RPi 3B+ with Zigbee2Mqtt and Mosquitto running on Hassio within a Docker container.

Everything was set up and working all right, and then I had turned off the RPi for 2 weeks while the switch was still on. However, after turning on the RPi, now the switch is not detected within Home Assistant at all. I have looked at the zigbee2mqtt logs and it shows up as inactive. I’ve reset the switch by pressing the reset button and confirmed the battery is still working, but nothing helps in getting that button to be detected again in HA.

Interestingly, the older version of this switch (like this) is working absolutely perfectly even after the inactivity.

Can someone help please?


Hi, apologies for bumping this up. Can someone please help in figuring out why my Zigbee button is not recognized by HA anymore? I know there is a (long) process to remove an entity from MQTT, but wanted to know if that will help solve the issue.

Any help is appreciated!