Button on overview screen for checking config?

It seems smart to check my configuration every time I make a change, so I’d like to make that as simple as possible. Could I put a button on my overview page that I could just click to run the config check script? (Yes, I know it’s in the developer tools.) It would also be nice to have a button right next to it for restarting HA. Is this possible? If so, what’s the procedure?

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Create a script that runs the ‘home assistant.check_config’ service. Not sure how you can catch the results of that.

Then call a script to run the ‘homeassistant.restart’ service.

and be aware that the “check config” doesn’t always catch every error. For the most part it works great but every once in a while it will miss something.

then when you restart and the frontend won’t load you can check the home-assistant.log file for more specific reports.