Button Press Record Log - Pet Feeding


I am looking forward to develop a way of tracking the times our dog is fed, by the press of a button, so we may avoid to give her food twice in a small space of time.

As an example, I usually wake up earlier to go to work and will feed the dog. Most of the times the dog will eat it straight away, so when my wife wakes up, sees the empty bowl, she feeds the dog again.

I was trying to get a way to record the button press, when we fill the bowl, and if we press it after, get HA to check the last time we fed the dog and send a Google Home notification informing β€œAttention! Dog was fed a less than {… time difference between feeding time and now …} ago” :slight_smile: (let’s say we should feed the dog once in the morning and once in the evening).

Afterwards, we would have a Lovelace card showing the last time we fed the dog and, maybe, keep track of all times we fed her.

Can someone help on this, please?

I have a Xiaomi button, connect through deConz, that I would use for this. The part to get the press info I got it sorted. Although, I do not know how to record the time of press on a log and how to check the timing and do the remaining sensor for the Lovelace card and the automation.

I am also thinking to use the double-press to check on the last time we fed the dog. I may try to sort this out with the help for the first part, but right now I honestly have no idea on how to make it.


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