Button press: toggle lights (group)


I bought a shelly i4 and got it generally working with this blueprint:

All 4 buttons are working, but I dont get it managd to switch a light group.

In my configuaration.yaml, I have some light groups with several entities in each group.
The groups are working in the dashboards (button). A click on the button changes from on → off respectively from off → on.
I want switch all lights from this group with a button from the i4, but I dont know how to realise it.
In automations, I can create a new automation, but under actions, I cannot select a group. I can just select single entities.
With taking single entities, the lights are switched off one after the other and not all at the same time.

The selector in the Blueprint will only allow you to select, from the list provided, single entities. HOWEVER you are still able to type in something like the group entity name in this case manually,
Just type the group name into the field, it should work.

If you think you MUSY be able to pick a light group name, the author of the blueprint your you must edit the blueprint to add light group to the selector filter so you can see them. In that case go to the blueprint exchange post where you found this BP and chat with the author. They could add it.

By far the easiest thing to do is just type the name of the light group in manually.

thank you for your help.
Can you please check, if I have done something wrong? Typing in the entity doesn’t work.

In Home Assistant, I am in Settings, Automations. Here, I have selected the i4 Blueprint, which works generally.
I have actions for the buttons 1, 2 and 3. This actions are all working, but it are single entities for each button.

Button 4 shall be used for switching all lights off (when at least one light is on).

The blueprint says:
“single short press Button 4
Action to run when SHORT press”

I can select an action here.
When I select “Device action” I have to select an entity (my light group is not in the list).
I did as you said and typed in the group entitiy name in the field “device”.
One row blow, I have to select an action. Here are no possibilities to select. When I click here, the entity, I have typed in at device, disappears.

I don’t have the hardware and do not want to try to load this on my system. Like the topic header says, if you have questions about specific blueprints that you downloaded, please ask in the post that you downloaded it first where there are people that have used this BP and have the hardware.

I gave you a bypass, and if that didn’t work, I won’t be of much more help.