Button/Switch to manage a AC climate via broadlink


I am trying to automate my old Daikin AC climate via Broaldink.
I can create switches with single commands, like “auto cool, 18°”, “strong dry, 24°”
I’d like to have a toggle in the UI to choose between those commands, or at least a way to toggle one of the commands and make the others switch off.
Should I make single automations for each command, each one checking all of the switches?

Thank you,

Edited: working with SmartIR and the termostat card

Hi @urbaman,

I’m configuring a new Broadlink RM4 Pro with an AC now after I went through the whole “learn commands” process too and came here to ask the same question - whether there’s a more native integration into Home Automation for climate control.

It sounds like the best solution you found is to use the SmartIR custom_component?

Hi @lital
I actually found SmartIR easy for setting up entities and cards, associating the closest set of commands to those of my old Daikin AC.