Button to exit "Map" Dashboard to come back to main dashboard

Hi there,

I have HA on a wall display using Fully Kiosk Browser, and have a button to open the map.
In the past I had it on a card on a specific dashboard with a button allowing me to call the “main” home dashboard where I called from.

I am now calling from that button the newly functionality “Map” dashboard … but how can I then have a button on it allowing me to come back to the main dashboard ?

Any solution ?

Many Thanks !!

Just set the new view in the map dashboard as a Subview, then you will have the back button!

Thanks a lot !!

As I a with Fully Kiosk, I have disabled the top and left menus for non admin, so I need to find out the option to keep the top menu allowing the “back” button :

    hide_header: false
    hide_sidebar: false
    kiosk: true

the new map is just a dashboard like the others, you could change the layout end add another card to go back?