Button with controllable LED Indicator?

I’ve been looking around the web for quite a while for a small button that includes an LED indicator that can be turned to any color by HA. Idea is to get a feedback led - e.g. like pressing the button and the button will light up red if the front door is opened or green if it is closed.

Preferrably i’m looking for portable buttons similar to the IKEA tradfri shortcut buttons: TRÅDFRI Shortcut-Button, weiß smart - IKEA Deutschland

Any recommendations?

Did you ever find something that met your needs? I can’t seem to find anything anywhere, but the concept seems simple and it fits quite a few scenarios so I am surprised it doesn’t exist.

The two scenarios I am thinking of in particular:

  • a button near the washing machine which goes green when my solar panels are generating enough power to power the washing machine, and red when there isn’t enough power. Pressing the button once will schedule the washing machine to turn on when there is next enough solar power. Pressing it twice will schedule it immediately irrelevant of power

  • I have a button already which starts the kettle boiling. With light feedback I would have the button go orange (or flash) whilst the kettle actually boils, and then go green when the kettle finishes boiling. The light would then turn off again when the kettle goes below a certain temperature (and would need boiling again).

But the ideas are endless - having the LED feedback on these button would make them much more useful, or at the very least much more user friendly. It would be a shame if it doesn’t exist!

I guess you both still got nothing?
I am searching for the same thing although stationary connected to power instead battery powered.