Button with pin code

Is there a way to “secure” a button click on the front end with a PIN code entered by the user, which, if it matches with what’s set up, will trigger an action?

I imagine something like the Manual Alarm Control Panel where you can set up a code to activate the alarm.

Hi @vazquezjm
I know 2 customs who can handle that.

There is a “Lovelace Lock Card” with 3 simple options:

and the “restriction-dard” who give more options:

Hope this helps.

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It does, thanks! The only issue is I’m still trying to understand how Restriction Cards works :sweat_smile:

Hi @vazquezjm
Yes, there are quite a few options available…
You can use the card itself, but you can also incorporate the functions into an entity card.
And so many options that you can configure… :slight_smile:, starting by which restriction mode you want to use, i.e. simply block the card, or ask for a pin to unlock, or hide the card…
Then you can define exceptions/exclusions at the user ID level.
If you read through the instructions and the example codes, you should be able to do this soon :wink:
Simply take the example code and adapt it to your own situation and test it.