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Is there a way to get some input buttons like +/increase -/decrease.
I only saw input_boolean, but it seems I can’t click many time on ON.

My need is to control Volume and/or brightness by step. ex: +10/-10 each time I click.


The only way I found to do this was with a script.

I have one script for volume up, one for volume down, and one for mute

Pressing activate runs the script and increases, mutes or decreases the volume accordingly.

In my setup the commands are over hdmi cec, code on my GitHub if it helps:

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I will try this way, I will look at your repo, thx ! :slight_smile:

I have finished my setup, it works great. Does anyone know if you can rename the button ACTIVATE ?

Glad you got it sorted :thumbsup:

No, at the moment it’s just ACTIVATE :slight_smile:

Check out this project. I don’t think it does exactly what you want but I bed it could be made to do it:

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