Buttons temperature

Last week i found this control panel in my hotel.
I liked the temperature control. (plus ans min button and show target and room temp)
I tried to find something like this but cant find something.
Who knows how to make this?

Easy way:

Create a picture for every single room temperature and set temperature combination you can think of. Use a picture entity and change the picture to the current combo. You probably only need a few thousand pictures to get it to work well!

Harder way:

Physically create a replicate LCD screen that has real info and point a camera at it. Use this live stream as a picture entity.

Hardest way:

Take a look at these custom cards. https://github.com/custom-cards Learn how they made them and you’ll more than likely have to make your own. What you want is very specific, so most likely hasn’t been made. But if you know javascript, I think you can make your own fairly easily.

What about building like the way they build the floor plans

Custom cards sounds as the best way.
I dont realy need the exact look as in picture.
But something like this with + and - looks nice

I dont know what you mean with this?