Buy HA Yellow POE or default?

I know about the CM modules (or RPI in general) and the shortage.

Since i’m quite shortly moving to a new build house i want to get the POE version (to satisfy my network nerdyness). For now we have moved to an apartment until our house is build completely.

I have gotten rid of the supervised install of HA from our old house and am now only use the HA OS version on a RPI to automate a few things and i think I’ve grown attached to the RPI OS install of HA.

But i’m really interested in the Yellow POE version since i’m expanding my unify network even more extensive then it already was.

I have seen that there is no CM module present in the POE version. Is it possible to reserve a standard kit and have it later upgrade to a POE version? or, should it just wait and install it supervised again untill the CM modules are back in stock?

The RPi CM4 variants are separate from PoE / non-PoE which depends on the main PCB.

Versions of Yellow have differently populated main PCB, and I’ve seen a few posts suggesting that an upgrade to add PoE is not really possible (well, the schematics, PCB design and BoM are all available, if you can get the PoE magnetics and are skilled at surface mount soldering :mage:t2:).

Some folk ordered the kit, and found their delivery dates went back a long way after cancelling non-PoE to get PoE on CrowdSupply - dates driven by manufacturing and parts issues that Nabu Casa are likely still fighting with.

The latest information on hardware supply tends to be side comments from baloob on the previous HASS release party (see YouTube for replays) or social media posts. ISTR comments that CrowdSupply was through the initial backlog, but don’t have any firm info.

I also use Unify PoE switches so thought about PoE, soldering retrofit, and even PoE PSUs (Unify have some PoE to DC adapters, but 12V DC @ 2-3A is a stretch) but went with the non-PoE version as it was available.

EDIT: Add link to HASS Mastodon account, as well as baloob.

Looks like PoE Yellow are starting to be available (first to backers of the original CrowdSupply offer):

Yep, got a fedex notification that mouser have shipped something, can only assume it’s my ha yellow poe, it’s been a long time but having been on the wrong side of emc testing before we know what a time consuming process it is to respin and retest, especially in a component constrained market. Congrats to the team for getting over the line :+1:

Ah, i was mislead by the graphic representation :slight_smile: i get it. Thanks!