Buy recommendation for Energy and Water

Hi Guys,

i want to have inside my HA the Watercounter and the energycounter.

For Water i have in Germany such an old version which shows only the count and looks like a clock :wink:

For Energy i got the Landis+Gyr E320-eHZ and also i got a PIN Code from my energy company.
But i did not understand how to connect directly

So at the end i think i need 2 componentes - One for Water and one for Energy - Is this right - Could you help me what is the best oppertunity i should buy?
I have at both positions the option to use wlan - Also i have a lan access in the fuse box.

What i want to have in HA is the current used energy - Also the Energy i send into the energynetwork. Maybe also historical data.

For Water i think its only possible to see the current - But if its possible i would also see daily and historical - Maybe with software?!

Thanks for your support.