BWAlarm, Automations and Warning/Pending

I’m stumped. I have BWAlarm installed with konnected and can arm/disarm and trigger the siren all just fine. I have a Fire tablet that serves as the keypad and want to use TTS to remind my family to exit promptly when arming (PENDING) and to disarm (WARNING) before the siren goes off.

I’ve got BWAlarm set with 30sec timers for Warning and Pending so I’m thinking I have 30s to generate the TTS and hear it. But it doesn’t fire.

No luck with my automations; I just don’t catch pending or warning and it goes straight to alarm for when I’m armed.

Just wondering - is the feasible - to be able to alert before the siren goes off or am I barking up the wrong tree? Is there a better/straightforward alarm I can use? Not fully enamored with the BWAlarm panel (it’s actually great but for my use case I’m leaning towards HADashboard instead).

Rather than diagnose my stuff here - just wondering does anyone do this already with BWAlarm - notify before Armed and Before Alarm?


You could use the bwalarm’s topic to ask.
I cannot see your code here so I doubt anyone can help in such a situation.
Take a look at the examples - it’s pretty straightforward.
For example, I receive an email when my alarm is in Warning state, when it’s Armed or Disarmed - whatever you want is possible.

Thanks for the coaching on using the topic; will do that in the future.

My ask was “is it feasible what I want to do”.

For others that stumble this way…

Yes.  Read the docs again and again and again and the yaml and configurations again and again.

Some of my problems were elsewhere and some where just a lack of clarity about what and how BWAlarm works. All good now.

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I’m glad you’re sorted now.
The docs are not perfect but at least they do exist.
Fell free to ask in the topic or PM me if you need help with bwalarm