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Can you share more details on beta api? I am not aware of it.

Hi guys, do you know if this integration works also with BWT AQA perla 20 C?


Would it be possible to investigate if reading data via Bluetooth would be an option? I have a BTW AQA 20 which has only BT connectivity. Thanks.

Hi Guys, Have you checked these forums:

It seem there is an API. Looking forward if you can get this to work in home assistant, as this integration from @fuatakgun is not working with the Perla with VNC.

I am answering myself, you can use the RESTful sensor like this, where the productid_url is the full URL is{ProductID}

Same goes for the other APIs for getting the usage but different URL incl. productID

 - platform: rest
    scan_interval: 3600
    resource: !secret bwt_productid_url
    name: "BWT Perla"
      content-type: "application/json"
      ApiKey: !secret bwt_token
    value_template: "{{ value_json.stateTitle }}"
      - displayName
      - productCode
      - stateTitle
      - stateBody
      - deviceState
      - lastTimeDataReceived
      - remainingAmountOfResourcePercent
      - refillResourceInDays
      - isHolidayModeActive
      - scheduledHolidayModeStart
      - firmwareVersion
      - waterTreatedTotal

Hello! Can you guys help me which BWT water softeners are working with the local integration @fuatakgun was made? I’m planning to buy one but I don’t like clouds, I want it to be local. :slight_smile:

hi all, apparently my BWT was using previous version so I was able to fetch the data locally. Now, my water softener was broken and they had replaced it with a newer version and I am in the same boat with you, it is using VNC, so I will change the integration using cloud API using a configuration option.

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I confirm that cloud-api is working fine but I will check further on sync interval. Mine has been updated just 10 minutes ago and I will check further.

I don’t really understand why all companies are forcing to use their cloud. After a few years they won’t support the old devices that’s sure -I’m not talking about BWT only. What if I don’t want to share the data what and how and when I’m using? What if I don’t have internet for some reasons, with local API my phone/homeassistant/whatever can connect to the device itself and check if it needs maintenance. Of course this cloud thingie can be an alternative solution for people who don’t care security, their data, don’t have on premise home automation. But should be only an alternative to a local API. Sorry if this is offtopic for that topic.

Right, you are so right. If only they listened.

That is great news. Same here, my machine was running on Web and they installed an update, now it is VNC only.