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We search for a Solution, for the BTW product´s:

Connecting over GSM, WLAN, LAN and BWT Best Water Home App


Thanks all

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That would be very interesting.
Because the BWT Aqua Perla can stop the water for the complete house (if a leakage is detected) it would be great to integrate it into home assistant.

Does anybody know about an integration or how to ‘reverse engineer’ the API?
They do have a mobile app therefore something like a REST api e.g. should be available.

Any information are highly appreciated.

Best regards

Hi @Tholian thanks for the Answer.

here new Infos: BWT Aqa Perla goes IP-Symcon

Is there any recent development on this? I have an Aqua Perla and using HA, I’m wondering if there is anything I could test?

I am working on a custom component to integrate with web admin page. It would require the IP address and pin code to read water/salt consumption data. Hoping to come up with a working version in a week.

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Sounds promising, just let me know, I can make some testing. But I’m afraid I have an older version (2 yrs, blue casing), it has only bluetooth connectivity, from what I know.

I don’t think this would work for you. We should find a way to convert Bluetooth data into readable format. In my water softener screen, there is a wifi signal strength indicator, do you have this?

Awesome… I just installed a BWT Perla system and would love to get it integrated. Let me know and I can test your custom components if you need :slight_smile: Thanks :+1:

I do not have a wifi signal display as I have one of the older ones in color blue. The new ones have a white housing, right?

Yes, i have the one with white housing

It is coming :slight_smile: baking locally.

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I have published the repository over here: GitHub - fuatakgun/bwt_perla
Installation is similar to any custom integration, enter the repository address into HACS, download it, restart your HA instance and configure your integration. You need ip address and code of your BWT Perla Water Softener. Please use github to create bugs and requests.


Can someone give me a short instruction? I have the integration in my file editor and added ip and code to de.json. But now?

Hey, this integration is installed through UI, no yaml is needed. Please double check readme file.

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Thank you. Now I have checked it. The remaining capacity until the next regeneration would also be interesting.

Do you get the data from the web? I have a CPED Integral+ which uses the same app but is only Bluetooth. If you are retrieving this data from the web I could use your integration.

Yes, but not sure if all devices support web interface.

My home assistant instance doesn’t want to connect to the BWT Perla. Getting the error message “Host/Code is not correct”
But the IP address for sure is correct, as I am able to mirror the display via web browser (IP + code).
Or is the WebUI code asked for this HA integration different from the code needed mirroring the device display via VNC inside the browser window?
Thanks for your support in advance!

this integration is working on the machines with direct web interface, rather than VNC based ones. It would not work on VNC based machines.

Thanks for the information. Hopefully we will find a solution for the newer systems as well.
Maybe by using their API which is in Beta state right now.