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can you please share the code from the lovelace card?! It looks amazing!!
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I just added new values to the integration, as requested (last regeneration, regeneration count and holiday mode). I will look into the errors next.

Just keep in mind this is treated water, so it is not the blended (=consumed) water.
The easiest and most accurate way to get daily / monthly / … water usage is to set up a Utility meter like this:
As far as I understand, the BWT internally produces water with zero hardness (treated) and blends it together with normal water to reach the required output hardness. I was not successful in calculating the blended water from the treated water, probably because we only get rounded values in the API.

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I have received the complete instructions from BWT. It contains all the values that can be output.

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Inspired by deepansteven 's screenshot above I created a visualization like this:

This dashboard need´s the integration from @dkarv and the custom-card from @AmoebeLabs - thank you both for your cool work!

You will find instruction for installation and the files in my repo: Link


Considering ordering a Perla and grateful to see the work on this HA integration.

There seem to be a number of variations on the Perla range. Does anybody have experience integrating the UK Silk model listed here? While I have Ethernet available, It seems you need the more expensive WiFi version to get any connectivity.

Many thanks

As far i know, try to avoid the Perla Silk non wifi, there is no connectivity whatsoever on the “Ethernet” one. I wasn’t able to get any infos on the controller card of the Perla Silk on my end, maybe you’ll be more lucky contacting BWT.