C by GE Direct connect lightbulbs

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C by GE now supplies direct connect WiFi bulbs that are quite affordable. They currently can be controlled by their app or Google/Alexa.

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Could not find a specific API, but someone on GitHub has figured it out. See below.

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Thanks in advance, I appreciate the project!


Please see below:

Thank you for the reply! Unfortunately, this solution is for the bluetooth versions. I have the direct connect versions using WiFi. I’ll keep looking.

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sorry, didn’t realize there is a Wifi version.

Anyone get anywhere with a c by GE/ cync integration? I got a bunch of this crap before I got into home automation and didn’t realize that it doesn’t integrate with anything. They’re not bad products, just don’t work with anything else.

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I too would like to see this integration.
For now I am using Alexa Media Player to call routines I set up in Alexa app to control it.

See here: