C2032 replacement failure

Hello i have several sensors and tags that run on CR2032 Batterys. When i receive them they work fine with the factory battery. But when the are empty and i replace them the battery status says 1% for the new battery. It does work for a short while and then it gets emtpy again.

I tried differend brands, like duracell and Varta but no difference there.
it drives me crazy.

Does someone have a simmelar problem and hopfully a sollution.
Or does someone have a glue what i am doeing wrong?


Poor or dirty contact?

By poor I mean it may not be making good contact

Those watch batteries are also very sensitive to the oils on your hands, when I replace them I never handle the top or bottom directly - either carefully on the sides or with gloves or tweezers if needed. Although I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of batteries dying so rapidly as a result of poor handling, generally it might shorten their life but your situation seems extreme.

What devices? Who makes them? Perhaps the devices themselves have a flaw.

It aren’t dirty contacts I wish it was so simple.
I have a few (cheap) zigbee open close sensors. And a few “nut” key tags.

First I thought de devices where broken but when I bought new one. And switched the battery to the old one. It works fine.

Are there cr2032 with more capacity?

A higher capacity CR2032 woud be a CR2045! :slight_smile:
(the last two digits are the thickness)

Seriously though, cost seems to be a proxy for capacity. Cheap CR2032 don’t last, with the possible exception of IKEA multipacks which are fairly good.

Another issue is some cells have a bitrex coating to reduce the chances of a child suffering major intestinal damage, but this coating can be an insulator. Some cycle power meters didn’t work at all with some brands - without sanding off the coating.

If you search you can find the monster IKEA 5-button remote thread with the hack fix of a 2x AA battery holder and soldered wires. Very high capacity alternative!

I use the Sony CR2032 on quite a few things and haven’t had any problems, but I don’t have your devices either.

Thank you
All the batteries had child stickers on them
So I will try to sand them and see if it makes a difference.
I will post my findings