Cache Not Clearing

Some of the changes I have made over the last couple of months keep coming back.

I did the normal procedure restarting home assistant ive been upgraded to the latest version since this problem started happening and of course I have cleared my cache in my browser and on my phone.

Every once in a while changes I have made revert back to the way they previously looked. All I have to do is pull down to refresh on my phone and everything looks fine. But this keeps happening.

I am like 0-10 asking this question and I’m really hoping someone replies with a valid answer this time lol

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You need to clear your cache on the browser.
Make sure your clear it completely and not just a day or two back, which some browsers allow.

A clearing of the cache in the browser resets it to that point in time, but the same problems can then arise again from changes made after that point in time.

You can minimize the issue by lowering the browser cache so it can not cache that much and therefore have to discard stored info more often.

I use a size of only 25mb as cache on some of my browsers.

Why would it be doing it in my iPhone as well? I cleared the cache the best I knew how in my phone. Is there anything I need to clear on the server itself?

The browsers are working the same way, so it should happen on all of them.
The browsers store a cached version of some elements that make up the web page to speed up the viewing of that page, but when you change elements, then the browsers do not always realize this and still use the cached version.
There usually are ways to set the cache times on the server, but it varies from browser to browser which commands that needs to be used and in most cases you actually benefit a lot from the cache, so developers often see no ideas in trying to control it on the server side.
There are no need for cache on the server side, so there is nothing to be cleared there.

I don’t know. Thanks for your help but I feel like there’s something else going on. I’ve done everything I can to clear my cache and I just tried connecting on my work computer which I’ve never done before so new browser no cache and it still doing the same thing

Here are the three examples I’m having trouble with. Before and after pictures. Soon as I hit refresh everything looks fine but this keeps coming back even on a new computer that I’ve never gone to Home Assistant. It’s driving me nuts


So it is just one card type that errors?
It sounded like it was a general problem with all kinds of elements.

Try redownloading that one and if that does not work, then ask on the developers GitHub page.