Calculate average value once per day

How can I calculate a mean value only once per day (not continuously)?
Is it possible in a {{ template expression }} that would be triggered by an automation?
Or is it possible to combine a trigger template with statistics?

Of course I could configure a statistic sensor that would calculate all day long the average value. Then I could have a trigger sensor capturing that value once a day.
But I don’t need HA to be continuously calculating the mean value 24h just to give me one result.

To give you more context, this is my chickens eating activity calculated by a load sensor in ESPhome together with day/night (night is dark):

Normally the chicken eat the same amount each day, during the night period and the graph should presend a descending stairway at night like in this screenshot.
In case of problem (jammed feeder) the graph will stay stable.
I want to calculate the average value each night and check if the progression is constant, otherwise, it means there is a problem.

You can see the activity (feeding) during the day, and the remaining quantity of food stable at night.
Each morning at 4:00 I want to calculate the average value during the last 8h and keep the last 11 values.
Then I will compare the latest differential value (day - previous day) with the medium value of the previous 10 days. If the value is 50% inferior, that mean the chicken did not eat enought yesterday and I need to check the automatic feeder probably jammed.

Any help will be welcome!!

I do not know how to do it thru template, but you could use utility meter, have it Cycle every 24hr. Then use that to compare to previous days and trigger if above.

Thanks for your answer. I m sorry but I can t see how to get the average value with utility meter.
I’d need to calculate the average value over the past 8h.