Calculate consumption

Dear Forum
Could someone help me with the rienman intergation at the helpers
I have integrated a sensor that measures a power in what is not a kw
And would like to convert the sensor that continuously measures power to a day and week and month consumption I’m with utility meter and rienman sum intergration doesn’t really succeed
Thanks in advance

Go to developer tools → states and show what your sensor returns.

It is a smart plug with wifi that sends the current power duration to the app and home assistant has an integration for it and so get the power in and want to keep track of the consumption with the power in wats over the time of a day a week and a month and switch by day consumption in the automations
But to start with, measuring the consumption already doesn’t work thanks in advance

state_class: measurement
unit_of_measurement: W
device_class: power
friendly_name: Smart Plug Vermogen