Calculate total kWh based on daily kWh (Sum)

Hello everyone,
I am having a hard time understanding of how I should configure this the best way:

  1. I am having a sensor available to me, which represents the daily production of my Solar Panels in kWh
  2. The sensor is obviously not what I need for the energy dashboard because it is set to 0 at Midnight.

Is there something like a reverse Utility meter which can sum the values over time?
I already found this post: Calculate cumulative total sensor from daily total sensor - #5 by matys but wanted to know if there is another (better) way to do this.

Thanks to everyone trying to help :blue_heart:

What is the reason, that you have only that one sensor? Mostly you will get more different sensors…

Sadly, this thing is so old, the Web-UI only displays this value (in a usable way).
The total production is also visible, but the unit is MWh. So, there is no change of this value on a Winter-Day :wink:

Have you tried using it?

I’m reasonably sure the energy dashboard can handle that.

Alternatively feed your sensor to a utility meter without a cycle specified. It will ignore the resets to 0 and keep counting up forever.


Hey Tom,
thank you so much for this Idea.

I’ll try (both ideas) and update you tomorrow

Best Regards and have a nice Weekend :+1:

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SORRY for the late Reply, I totally forgot about this :woozy_face:

Thank you so much @tom_l: Exactly as you imagined, it is just working as it should be. (Even if set to 0 at midnight).



in my case it doesn’t works.

The utility meter restarts the counter at midnight: