Calendar Automation to check for items in next 24 hours

I want to create and automation to check my Google calendar (already setup as an integration) for events containing specific text in either the message or the location. I tried using the standard calendar triggers, but they don’t let me check the text. I tried to use some conditions, but I only can check the next event in the calendar so might miss one if there’s more than one entry per day.

I’d like to be able poll the calendar in the evening, check all events scheduled tomorrow, and run some automations based on conditions based on text in the message or location?

I’m sure i can do this with some templates in the condition, but am struggling to format the template. Any suggestions or pointers, or some sample templates where someone has done something similar?

Unless the Google calendar integration is “special”, that’s how calendars work in HA.
There are meant to be used as triggers, really, not to do management.

This is an example for how to create a template sensor based on an upcoming trash event:

You can do something similar for an automation instead of a template sensor.