Calendar Conditions

Please add calendar conditions to automation so triggers are prevented for certain times of the year. As an example, you can stop certain actions from occurring during seasons, months, weeks of the year.

Assuming you are aware of the time condition?

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As well as the time condition, there’s a season integration and you can use templates to handle months, weeks of the year, and far more.

Maybe expanding the scope of this:

For instance, I’ve got HA managing my heating/lighting etc. I also run AirBnB from my home.
AirBnb is integrated into my usual calendar so I can see when people are coming.
I’d like it so that HA could read my calendar and automatically turn on the heating, motion sensors, communal lights and set the motion sensor light sensitivity (which HA can do anyway) but only when I’ve got guests in.
When they leave, it turns the automation back to default (minimal heating, turns down sensitivity of motion/light sensors so lights don’t get triggered when I’m home alone etc etc)

Or, create a Daily Briefing routine that can read the days’ calendar events.

So, integrating a calendar function to read certain calendar events would be amazingly useful

Take your pick.

I use the Google Calendar integration, with various searches to expose specific event types as binary sensors.

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I see. There’s no Hotmail/Office 365 integration to pull calendar information from there, also no Hotmail-to-Google Calendar sync any more so that won’t work either.

There’s an Office 365 integration available via HACS that might help (don’t use it myself but know its there).

Edit…here you go:

Not all integrations are built in - there’s a massive list of third party integrations (called custom components) out there.

And there is this one too for office 365 in HACS.
Works great unless you have a corporate account and they lock you down to minimum access.
(Obviously not the integration fault).

I just had a quick look at that integration you posted it seems you authenticate yourself with the integration meaning you circumvent the company restrictions on sharing calendar.
(If I understood the little I read correctly).

I need to try this!