Calendar exceptions in a schedule


I have a couple of calendar Schedules for dustbin collections (Green bin one week, red the following). This is great as it reminds me each week to put out the correct bin(s). However, over Christmas/New Year the schedule changes and I had to keep checking when it should be. I’d like to create exceptions to the schedule for a couple of dates, but can’t see a way to do this, other than have multiple schedules that start and end around that time. Am I missing something, which is possible as I used to occasionally put out the wrong bins!

For additional info:
Schedule 1 runs every 2 weeks for Green Week
Schedule 2 runs every 2 weeks (offset by 1 week from Schedule 1) for Red Week

This time, December 31st collection is moving to 2nd Jan and 7th Jan is moving to 8th Jan. I just need to move those 2 events.

My only option I can see is to end the schedule 1, create a one off event for Green and a new schedule (3) starting the following year. Doing the same for Schedule 2.

Any advice?


How are your events being created/added to the calendar?


Yes. It’s an event schedule. Below is what my calendar looks like and the Schedule when I Edit it.


When using a repeating event to populate the calendar as you have shown, the best you can do with an automation is to create additional events for the correct days and send a notification to remind yourself to remove the incorrect dates manually. The problem is that there is, currently, no service call to remove/delete or edit events.

If you know the rules being used to determine collection days, it is possible to generate a list containing the event data using templating. Then all the events can be added to the calendar using the Repeat For Each to iterate over the list.

I have two examples of that available in this gist.

Thanks for that, but I think it would be easier for me to just change the calendar schedules so that they end and a fresh schedule for the following year.

I just found it is easy. The events in the calendar can be moved and say “This event Only”. I think it was just my understanding of the events. When I was changing it, it looked like it was the whole series I was modifying.

Thank you.