Calendar from the left menu in lovelace

is it possible to use the calendar, that i normally access on the left menu in my upper menu without a card ? It has the ability to add event and the card does not have it atm. I would also like to integrate grafana like this. The goal is to disable the left menu and still be able to use the calendar and grafana. I tried to do it with the webpage card, but then the left menu also is shown if i enable it and then you see it twice. Hope my problem is understandable.

I did not test it, but you should be able to add as view via lovelace path:
Views - Home Assistant (

The path for calender simply would be ‘/calendar’ (without /lovelace at the beginning)

If I understand you , it should be :

  • theme: Backend-selected
    path: /calendar
    title: Kalender
    icon: mdi:calendar
    type: panel
    badges: []
    cards: []
    But it shows nothing. Am I doing something wrong or is it just no possible ?

Thank you very much, I found it out.


did the job. Wonderful, what you can do with homeassistant and how easy it is, when you know how to do ;). I love it

If i do it like this, the navigation at the top disappears of course. How can i get back then ? Or can i enable the navigation bar somewhere ?
I wanted to use this on a kiosk mode tablet, that has no “back” button. How can I solve the problem ? Is there a way ?

Not possible ? Perhaps someone has an idea ?