Calendar Platform?

I am working on an integration as a custom component.
The service I am integrating has:

  • A server has a list of events, with start and end times.
  • A custom component connects to the server using an api.
  • This api client receives events when it polls the server
  • It adds these events to some sort of scheduler.
  • The scheduler displays the events in home assistant.
  • The scheduler sends the schedule to smart devices.
  • When an event is in progress, a binary sensor should display that fact.

I have the api client component working, and am now working on the scheduler part.
I have found the calendar component in the home assistant codebase and was hoping it could be used as a platform, but I haven’t found any documentation for it.
Can someone advise if the calendar platform would be appropriate for this kind of thing, and if so point me to a good example of this pattern.