Calendar switch Y2

I’m a total newbie.
And I want to automate the heating/cooling in the 2 big rooms that my organization rents out. The Lodge Room and the Dining room. There are 4 window AC units in the Lodge and 2 in the Dining. I’ve been able to gain control over the smart switches that control the units. Now I want to be able to heat or cool either or both of the rooms when they are rented out. The Calendar Switch Y2 blueprint looks to be able to do this.
Now I’m trying to turn my AC on during different periods every day. The rental events are in a calendar, one for the lodge and one for the dining room. The specific problem I have is that the automation for each room fails in the same way: in the automation UI / traces page I see:
Executed: July 10, 2024 at 4:27:53 PM
Error: Service script.logfile_entry not found
domain: script
service: logfile_entry
notification_service: logfile_entry
logfile_title: Calendar Switch Y2
message_preamble: Dining Cool automation
message_body: ‘—’
target: {}
running_script: true
In the UI page, I’ve entered “rental_events” in the box asking for “LOGGING - Specify the service for the logging”

rental_events is a service (I think) that I defined in configuration.yaml:


  • name: rental_events
    platform: file
    filename: log_files/AC_triggers.txt
    timestamp: true

Any thoughts?

If you are using a blueprint then you should talk to the person who made the blueprint.
And make sure you format the code, when you paste data like that it becomes unreadable.
Use the </> button