Calibrating Sonoff SNZB-02

anyone know how to calibrate the sonoff zigbee temp sensors without creating another template sensor? I’m using ZHA cause it seems more stable than the zigbee2mqttt but It also means i can’t find the config to add the calibration spec.

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I have the same question. I know tasmota has a command to do this but not ZHA.

Yes please, my Sonoff SNZB-02 is +10% off compared to my Bosch Easycontrol CT200

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Hi, I also have the feeling that humidity might be quite off.
I have nother sensor, not very realiable though, and the humidity measurament differs 7-10%.
Is this a general issue?


Similar question to OP. Is there any way of assigning an offset to the temperature value as part of calibration?

I don’t have this particular sensor but do have the Aqara one and the temp needs adjusting. I could use a template sensor but would prefer if it was something that could be applied via ZHA.

Thanks in advance

did anyone figure this out?

I have the same problem with 6 sensors which I received recently. The temperature is measured correctly but the humidity is +7%-10% off (1 Sensor +18%) compared to different other hygrometers.

How did you solve the problems?


If you are using Zigbee2MQTT you can use temp and humidity offset in the setting of the device


It would be nice to be able to do this with ZHA - has anyone found a solution ? I got the ZB2MQTT working but would like to stick to ZHA so I don’t need 2 seperate zigbee networks

Try asking both here → Framework for generic exposure of device configuration attributes · Discussion #934 · zigpy/zigpy · GitHub and here "zha-toolkit" - Toolkit providing low and high level Zigbee commands through ZHA/zigpy

Do anyone here know about any updates in this matter? Out of 7 I have, humidity is off (steady) by 5 and 10 percent…

It updates the values in HA, but not on the display

I am guessing you will have waited " takes into effect on next report of device". I’m not sure how often it reports if the temp/humidity is stable. Try forcing a report by heating/cooling it :slight_smile: \

Also, as an update. I would not recommend these sensors. They do drop out of the Zigbee network (more than Xiaomi and no brand Tuya ) and “flatline” at the last reported values.

IF the value hasn’t updated in a while try removing and adding back.

Just got one these SNZB-02s and noticed the offset issue then found this thread. You say these sensors are great, could you perhaps recommend some reliable alternatives that will stay connected? Thanks!

I’ve created a quirk for it, because my values also were all too high.

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