Call for dev: Netatmo Welcam people recognition

Hi there,

For those who use the Netatmo Security binary_sensors, you may know the component generates per camera:

  • cameraname_someone_known
  • cameraname_someone_unknown

But the camera does Face Recognition by default.

I’m then calling for help if few python devs around would like to help me implement this feature.
Also, any advice on the way to generate it is welcome.

For instance:

  • should we create one sensor per person ?
  • shall we create attributes within the cameraname_someone_known sensor ?

Thanks a lot in advance!

PS: is there is another way to propose features, please don’t hesitate to explain how

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I have created an issue at the repository for the library that has some sample code on how to use webhooks (which is much faster than polling):
Maybe this is useful for you to continue your contribution. And for your question: in my opinion the component should create device_tracker entities.

Meanwhile I have implemented the foundation for webhook support into HASS:
My implementation fires events based on what the camera has seen. This of course could be extended to also create device trackers for all known persons etc.

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thanks a lot for that! It works pretty well!

Now, I need to find out how to create the proper device trackers, for now I can create input_booleans, but this does not integrate with the new “person” type.