Call for testing: ozwdaemon snap

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I’ve snapped Open-Zwave Daemon (ozwdaemon) regards to Home Assistant’s move away (?) from it’s built-in Z-wave integration towards the “Z-wave to MQTT” integration - what they call Open-Zwave Beta.

I’m struggling to apply the network key to my device, which is a Aeotec Z Stick Gen5 (not the revised model that supports RPi 4). After a lot of testing ang googling I’ve read that it’s a problem with this stick. Many of my devices require a secure connection, such as my lock :lock: However, I’m not sure if this is the case.

Ozwdaemon says “valid network key”, but it doesn’t work. It will add nodes insecure.

When it’s connected and both the MQTT- and Open-Zwave integration is installed in Home Assistant, the config tab of the stick says “Network key: 0”.

I’m located in the northern region of Norway and getting ahold of a new stick isn’t that easy. I had to order from abroad and it can take days or weeks to arrive.

I’m therefore hoping that some of you have a Z-wave stick and could help out testing this snap.

It’s found in the edge channel.

snap install ozwdaemon --edge

It doesn’t run as a daemon yet, so you can simply run it with ozwdaemon .

See snap get ozwdaemon -d for settings :blush:

PS! I’m aware of the environment variables printing etc upon execution. It will be removed.

Seems like ozwdaemon is working ok.

The issue was with the implementation (frontend) of Home Assistant, that didn’t take the secure flag into consideration. To add a device you’ll have to use service calls, e.g:

    "secure": true,
    "instance_id": <id>

See snap get ozwdaemon ozw.instance to find the id.

Snap is now daemonized and you can find more information about the settings (and to test them) with ozwdaemon.exec --help.


I just installed the Beta Snap version and it seems to work okay (so far). This bug you’ve identified with the secure flag not being set, has there been a ticket created against HA for this? I can’t seem to find it here with the frontend tickets?

I wasn’t sure if it got resolved or not?


No I didn’t, based on this reply - I just took it for granted that it was made.

However I saw today that the the 1.0.0v of HA will have some OZW updates. I haven’t had the time to dig into it.

Right now I’m working on a «OZWAdmin» snap, that I actually find nicer and more stable than the offical AppImage that is provided. :smiley: And I’m using it to administrate the OZWDaemon until HA has better support for it. :slight_smile:


There a test (revision 1) of the admin in the edge channel:

snap install ozwadmin --edge
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