Call (page) system


I need a paging system to call people to provide support. The call for help can come from multiple rooms and need to be received by a group of people that are in an office room or are roaming around in the same building. I think this can be done with HA but hoping to get some tips or ideas from experienced users.

The push button for a call for help can be pretty much any thing that can be connected to HA. Probably a double push button so that the second button can be used to cancel the request for help. I don’t see many issues here. Some sort of feedback to the person who requests the help would be nice though. I am considering a Philips Hue setup so that a light could provide the feedback.

The point of concern is the notification to the receiver(s). A dashboard in the office that shows which button (location) is asking for help should be quite straight forward with the features inside HA. But some sort of audio signal would also be required to alert the people. I’m looking for COTS only hardware.

Will the HA smartphone app be able to give clear notifications including a clear audio signal that can be differentiated from typical smartphone notification sounds? How could an acknowledgement for addressing the help request be communicated to the whole group?

All your suggestions would be appreciated very much!