Call Pushcut automation server api via restful command

Hi all,
I was looking everywhere to find out how I could call the api from my Pushcut automation server ( using home assistant to trigger iOS shortcuts.
I used to use the IFTTT integration but I wanted to eliminate this unnecessary step in between.
So I tried a few things and found a very simple solution:

Add this to your configuration.yaml

    url:[your_pushcut_secret]/execute?shortcut={{ shortcut_name }}
    method: POST

When you want to call it you can simply provide the shortcut’s name and that’s it.

  - service: rest_command.pushcut
      shortcut_name: your_super_shortcut

I just wanted to share this with the community so if someone else is looking for a solution he can use this one.



Hey, I know this is an older post (and thanks for posting it), but do you know how to pass data along with the call to Pushcut?
I’ve got this working as far as calling & running a Shortcut via Pushcut. I’d also like to pass along some data from Home Assistant with that REST call, so that the IOS Shortcut can do something with the data.
I had this running nicely before switching to Home Assistant, (ran everything directly from Home (HomeKit) app. I’m thinking surely this could be done from HA as well, but the limitation is surely just my newbie lack of knowledge??

(Just to be clear, I do understand how to format data from a sensor, in a general templating sense. To keep this simple, let’s say I just wanted to pass along a string of text, like “hello from HA” with the Pushcut call.)

Did you ever get an answer on this? Or get it figured out? I’m kind of at the same point where triggering a Pushcut notification from HA is working but would love to include some data …