Call 'reconfigure device' programmatically

I have to situations where I was to reconfigure a device programmatically.

One is a lightbulb that misbehaves (stops obeying it’s bound switch) and then fixes itself when reconfigured.
The second is a battery powered device in an inaccessible place that I accidentally unbound from the co-ordinator but does send ‘checkin’ requests - so I want to send a re-configure request when I know its awake (when it checks in)

Is there a service call in ZHA to call the ‘reconfigure device’ option?

If so I could build an automation to do this for me.

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I’m looking for this feature too!!! I hope someone help us!!! Sometimes I’ve a bulb doesn’t works and I need to reconfigure it in order to power off. If I had this command I could do an automation.

…same here … any updates?