Call service don't show service names


I tried to do automation, and do an action that run a script (i need to run it in few diffrent places and wanted to write it once).
I have 3 scripts but it show them like this script.1577938029282 . . .
it doesn’t show the names.

Thank you!

What does your script look like?


I crated it in home assistant, and it only contain notify, and also I gave it a name.

I think it started after update tonew HA 104

Can you look in your configuration.yaml file?


This is the code HA created (1 of 3)

  alias: Get sonoff switch status
      payload: 'power1 ;power2 ;power3 ;power4 ;power5; dimmer; state '
      topic: cmnd/sonoffs/backlog
    service: mqtt.publish

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