Call service for timers broken

Home assistant thinks theirs no timer helpers for some reason. Ever since the new gui was implemented. Is there a solution to this? Home assistant supervised on docker on raspberry pi

bump?----- thiis is a complete sentence.

Does your configuration.yaml file contain default_config or have you replaced it with the many options it represents?

If you’re not using default_config and your configuration.yaml does not have an entry for timer then you will not be able to create a timer via the Helper menu. This is also true for other Helpers.

For more about this particular quirk, refer to this post:

How would I have not used default_config? Is that an option I need to set to true?

Did you confirm it exists in your configuration.yaml file?

is it just a line that says default_config: true? because i dont see anything that says that in the file, i searched for “default_config” and “default” neither had any hits and i didnt see it skimming through. do i need to add somewhere “default_config: true”? to be able to edit it without just opening up the automations yaml and sticking it in?

If it exists in the file, it will simply be a line like this:


The fact that you searched for it but found no trace means you’re not using it. Therefore the issue I described above applies to you and you must include a reference to timer: in the file. Without it, you won’t be able to define a timer Helper via the UI.

so should i just add “timer:” to the config file or do i have to do something like
“timer: soup_timer” or
entity_id: timer.soup_timer”
or can i just add “default_config” to the config file somewhere?

i found default config at the top of the config file. i started the search from too far into the config. also, i can see the selection to make helpers. its all there. and in the post you linked they seemed to say that they would not be listed when trying to make a helper. something is wrong i think.

i restarted the host and superviser then host and it works now.

A restart of Home Assistant will make it re-read its configuration file, suggesting something was amiss in its configuration prior to the restart.

Oh. Well I haven’t restarted the actual device in like months and the core hasn’t been restarted since I restarted it after the update.