Tip: default_config contains a lot!

I don’t use default_config because I don’t want ssdp and zeroconf to monitor and report devices it might find (or logbook, history, and updater). The consequences of this decision can be quite impactful.

default_config is shorthand for a lot of other options.

For example, if you overlook to include input_boolean, input_text, etc then the Helpers feature will be unusable. Case in point, if you only add this to configuration.yaml:




Then this is how the Helper menu will present it (notice the unavailable helpers):

Screenshot from 2020-05-06 16-05-07

So if you’ve chosen not to use default_config and later on you notice ‘unusual behavior’, it might be because you overlooked to include options that are normally part of default_config.

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I don’t understand how you could have had a functional config without them, before they were added to the default config. They have been basic building blocks since day dot.

EDIT: also I really don’t have any objection to an ignore list. I was just pointing out it’s pretty simple to use a manual config and read the release notes.

As I explained in the related topic, I was performing a new installation. Nothing from my existing installation was copied over. The sole modification was to cherry-pick options from default_config. Besides that, everything was to be created the “new way”.

It wasn’t clear to me that the UI-based Helper feature still needs the YAML configuration for the simple task of displaying a list of helpers. After all, it doesn’t store Helpers there but in the .storage folder.

Sorry I replied in the wrong topic. Doing too much at once again.

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Just come here from the ‘other’ thread.
You are right - That makes absolutely No Sense !