Call Service Missing Room Area

Hello All - some help please with:

I am learning about Trigger IDs, so I set up an automation to turn on/off the Guest Bedroom light based on motion detection. The automation works but I had to select the specific light switch via “devices”.

I am learning that the best practice is to use “Call Service” and select your device. However, when I tried to use the Call Service in the action area, all areas in my home show - EXCEPT the Guest Bedroom.

I confirmed the area is shown in Zones/Areas, the light switch and the motion sensor are assigned to the Guest Bedroom.

So - why does it not show in the “Call Service: Light: Turn On” function…or the Choose area or device or entity?

your help is appreciated.

When you don’t know what to do try to restart home assistant.

Are the devices in the Guest Bedroom Lights or Switches?

I can reproduce the situation you described in my system.

I select “Call Service: Light: Turn On" and the list of areas is missing"Basement ".

Why? Because the Basement area does not have a light entity. It has a switch entity.

If I use “Call Service: Switch: Turn on” the Basement area appears in the list of areas.

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@ddaniel and @Dujith First thing I did: restarted HA…looked - not there. Rebooted HA…looked - still not there.

Yes - both the motion sensor and light switch are assigned to the guest bedroom.

It is a light Sw (Yes?)

That’s a switch entity.

Your own screenshot says its an Switch :sweat_smile: And i never asked for a reboot.

@123 YUP!..just walked through the action setup…using Switch vice Light. Select Switch…and Guest Bedroom shows in the choose.

Most Excellent - Thanks!

That is the fix! Thanks to all (@ddaniel , @Dujith and @123 ) :partying_face:

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@Dujith Yup - just learned… switches and lights are different. Understand about the reboot - I do a restart, if that does not work I do a reboot…on some other issues the reboot solves the problem.

However - I appreciate the help !! Learning something new every day…

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You’re welcome!

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@Dujith and @123 Yes - most yes. Thank you. Have done so. Again…learning - Thank you! :smiley:

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