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Call service node Data inject msg.payload


I’m using a call service node to call alexa_tts. I want her to say the string from the msg.payload from the previous node.
A working Data field looks like this:

{"message":"This is a test"}

How do i replace “This is a test” with the string in the payload from the calling Node?


If you using the latest node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket


Otherwise you’re going to have to use a template or function node.

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Thanks Kermit. Worked perfectly!!


Can I piggy back off of this? I need to do the same thing, but I need to send an integer not a string.

If I try {"value":"{{payload}}"} HA complains that extra keys not allowed @ data['0']

If I try {"value":{{payload}}} the node in Node-RED won’t accept it…


This has to with you sending more data than the service call was expecting. Make sure you’re not passing any extra data in msg.payload.data for the previous nodes.


I finally managed to work it out. I had to use a template in the end to send the data through to the call service node.

I was actually trying to send the contents of a flow variable, so in my case it was {"data" : { "value" : {{flow.MinCool}} } }