Call service: zwave.set_node_protection

It would be useful to schedule the local control of zwave light switches.

Unnecessary back story: I tried to disable local control on the switch and then setting up automations on receiving scene control from my inovelli switches but my toddler has observed my quadruple tap and has started button mashing the light switches, spamming the zwave protocol, and thwarting my attempts to automate around this inconvenience.

If there is a way to do this that I’ve missed, I’m open to corrections.

You can use the REST api. The URL is /api/zwave/protection/{nodeid}. The GUI uses the API. I don’t have any nodes I could test it with, but the code here is the the implementation of the API.

The JSON payload looks to be something like

  "selection": "<protection value>",
  "value_id": "<value id>"

You can get value id and valid selection values (probably the same string displayed in the UI) with a GET.

The zwave integration is basically in maintenance mode. If you want something like this you probably will have to implement it yourself.

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Thank you. This is above my head at the moment but it’s a huge help to just know where to look and have key phrases to google.

Here is some documentation on the REST API.

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Finished. Worked exactly as you said. Thank you again.