Caller ID and blocking

is there a way (hardware/software) to get callerid info into HA for automations/scipts? Similarly, is there a way to create a list of callers to block and have HA automatically pick up and then hang up the call?

It would beneficial to know the OS of your phone.
But isn’t this standard in recent androids?

I really am looking for a landline solution. I believe I need a wired phone/device that can output caller id info…

I hadn’t thought about wireless…I’m using apple phones (Verizon).

Have you considered ooma? The blocking feature is built in.

Here are your options to block call. I use as the junk number when giving to online vendors.

How does that connect with Home Assistant so I can write automations/scripts?

It doesn’t directly. My thought is you could put it in an iframe and control through lovelace. I don’t think android will let you get to the contact list directly but I could be wrong.

The phone_modem integration can integrate with your landline and get your caller id information. I use this to announce who’s calling if it’s someone from my family. I also set up an actionable notification to reject call if it’s spam.

Just throwing this in for thought: “N.C.I.D” Network caller ID (

It for land lines, it can run on any RPi/linux capable box. It does need a USB modem to get the caller id info. And it has the ability to automatically hang up on the bad callers
I’ve been using it for 7-/+ years. In the first year it cut the junk calls in half.
I’ve not looked in to making it work in HASS.