Caller ID funtionality in the uk

i’m not seeing any numbers on my modem interface only the “RING”,

if i use mini com i get the same when using AT+VCID=1

if i use:

minicom shows the number but upon starting home asistant all i get is “RING”

anyone know whats going on ?

did you ever get this working? support for the caller id addon sucks i have never got advice or a straight answer anywhere

Nope never got to the bottom of this £50 of hardware later :disappointed:

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Same here same device works with homeseer but only under Windows

Did you ever get this working? I am only seeing the state ring and no attributes for cid_number with my modem (TRENDnet TFM-561U) which is supposed to support caller ID and is using the CX93001 chipset the integration suggests should be compatible. I am in the UK and starting to wonder if the UK caller ID system (or Virgin Media’s) is incompatible.