Calling a service from an Android shortcut

Hi all,

I’m trying to find a way to toggle a light from an Android shortcut. (Unfortunately, I cannot use a widget, as the place I want to use it supports only one widget: the Niagara launcher.)

The Android companion app only supports shortcuts to dashboards or entities, but that is too slow to quickly toggle the light.

I tried using Shortcut Maker to create a shortcut based on either a supported Intent, or the URL handler. Unfortunately, I could not find a related intent, and the URL handler is not supported on Android yet (according to the docs).

Does anyone know a way of accomplishing this?

– Joost

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It’s not possible to call an action from a shortcut as shortcuts are meant to be linked to an activity. Have you considered quick setting toggle? Or just another launcher?

But would be so useful to make shortcut also meant to be linked to call an action. Why not? It would also help a lot inclusively in Tasker automations, other automations or with other launchers.