Calling a service from python code of a custom component


I am trying to make a service call from a custom component, to an input_select component.

What i tried is:“input_select”, “select_option”,
{“entity_id”: “input_select.optimisation_scenarios”, “option”: “grid_aligned_optimisation”})

I am pretty sure this should work, but somehow it doesn’t…
I tried to call the service from the Frontend with the same input and that works perfectly.

does somebody know what i’m doing wrong, and could point me in the right direction?

Would be greatly appreciated.

When i fire a ‘call_service’ event with the exact same data as i entered in the service call above it works!
Could this possibly be a Bug?
If so, whats the best way to report it/get it fixed?

event firing call below for reference;

‘domain’: domain_string,
‘service’: service_string,
‘service_data’: service_data_string,
‘service_call_id’: call_id})

I have this same problem… post deserves more attention