Calling IFTTT from an alert

I’ve been able to call IFTTT as an action in an automation as follows:


- service: ifttt.trigger
data: {“event”: “GarageLeftOpened”}
- service: timer.start
entity_id: timer.garage_door

key: !secret ifttt_key

I’m now trying to call the same IFTTT call from an alert, which requires one to specify a list of notifications. The documentation says you can use a group notification to call other services such as twillow. But my attempt below to call IFTTT is failing. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

    name: Garage is open
    done_message: Garage is closed
    entity_id: cover.garage_door_opener
    state: 'open'
    repeat: 10
    can_acknowledge: True
    skip_first: True
    notifiers: ifttt_garage_alert

  - name: ifttt_garage_alert
    platform: group
      - service: ifttt
          target: {"event": "GarageLeftOpened"}
  key: !secret ifttt_key

@gureyes since you proposed using alerts, maybe you might know something about using group notifiers? Apparently they can be used elsewhere.

This won’t work because the alert requires a notify component which is one of the ones listed here:

Notify groups won’t work either because they also require notify component.

We really need a notify template for this to work. Templates allow you to create custom components where you specify the parameters to call. For example a notify template for ifttt would call the ifttt trigger with the payload you specify. I’m surprise this doesn’t exist yet.

There is an IFTTT component. Is there anything in it that might be useful?