Camera as dynamic attachment not working on iphone

I use an ESP32 camera and an automation sends the camera stream on mobile devices as dynamic attachment.
It stopped working on my iPhone (iOS 15.8.2 -) but it’s working fine on an iPad (iOS 12.5.7)
On my iPhone when I touch the notification I see only a play button. I send another notification with coordinates and the map view is working. Also I tested another camera stream and it’s working. The problem is only on my iPhone with the stream from an ESP32 camera. What should I check?
HA Core 2024.2.1

I tried removing the app from my iPhone and deleting the mobile app integration for my iPhone. Also restarted iPhone and server.
I still have the same issue. I don’t get the stream from the esp32 camera as a dynamic attachment on iPhone.

It’s still not working. Is there any way to debug this?