Camera Audio Live Feed in addition to live video

I have several mjpeg cameras and these work just fine, however one of them (a D-Link DCS-930L) also provides an audio stream which I can access using VLC or other player via a specific URL.
The URL streams are available as

http://username:password@[IP address]:[port]/video.cgi
http://username:password@[IP address]:[port]/audio.cgi

The audio stream is composed of a series of 30 second PCM wave clips, which are strung together by the D-Link app into a pseudo continuous audio stream. In VLC or another player, the continuous stream can be simulated simply by setting the loop setting in the player.

I would really like to be able to easily access the audio stream from within HA. I am wondering whether the ffmpeg camera option might be able to handle it, however I am not having any luck configuring it at present. I have seen that the stream_loop option might not be available in the ffmpeg currently used in so this might be an issue.

Does anyone have any idea how to do this?


I didn’t found any audio signal measurement yet (lots of API is protected with DIGEST auth), but I’ve found how to access motion and noise events from HASS, see