Camera card / setup for babyphone use


I have two camera’s 1 foscam via the foscam integration and 1 Y-cam via synology serveillence station. I currently have them available in the a standard card with on expantion live view. It takes some time to load the live view but it’s working.
I’m missing 2 way audio and motion or sound detection. Does anyone have experiance with this? I would like to use the foscam as a baby cam and i would need sound detection for alerts.
Let me know if you have a nice card that has more options and if you have an integration or automation to solve the sound detection.

Hi did you proceeded on this idea?

I have createad a lovelace card with some sensor for motion and sound of my foscam cam.

Hi @Jokerigno, i did not proceed although it did work sort of. I did get notifications, but it wasn’t stable enough. So i just bought a dedicated baby phone. Did you get any further?

I created an automation that send me motion and sound notification to my phone and apple watch tagged with “critical” so my arm is shaking even during the night. So far so good.

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