Camera Casting Config Help

Hi all,
I did a search before posting but couldn’t see any results that got me what I was after, but if I messed up, just let me know!

I setup hassio today with the sole intent of being able to ask my google home hub to show me certain cameras in my house.
I’ve got Google integrated to it, but the hikvision camera setup is a real headscratcher for me.
I don’t care about streaming in lovelace, just wanting to cast to my homehub.

Here’s what my configuration.yaml file looks like now:

I’ve verified my snapshot and RTSP urls are good.

Can someone help me understand what I did wrong in the setup please?
I have to confess, I’m not much of a coder so apologies if it’s something obvious!

Currently, I cannot see the camera in devices, so can’t ask Google to display them.

Thanks in advance!

Did you get this to work?
I am sort of trying the same thing.

What bit are you stuck on?

After a lot of trail and error I was able to get it to work.
I am hover struggling with a lot of buffering. But seams like the google unit is very sensitive on video settings…